A townhouse complex in Durham region. Sewer backup and flooding in basements happened in a few units. The former manager tried to get drawings from the city with no luck. After taking over the management, we spent a week and retrieved drawings from City database. We spent coupld of months consulting with engineerings and contractors. Finally we concluded with a plan of minimized cost. The accumulative cost over 40 years will match one time cost in a different option.

A townhouse complex in Scarborough. The windows replaced 7 years ago started to deform. The new board was trying to replace them again but too expensive. We collected over 5 quotes which are all half price than the previous one. Instead of replacing the windows all at once, we phasis the project over years according to the severity of damage.

A high rise Condo building in Scarborough. Corporating with the new board, we are paying back the accumulated A/P arrears by careful planning and spending.

New buildings in Markham. Cracks were noticed in basement. Try to claim the repair cost from the builder.