Affable Property Management Corp. is a property management company which provides property management services operating throughout Greater Toronto Area. Our business is owned and operated from our head office in Ajax, Ontario. Our team consists of experienced property managers having in excess of 30 years experience in property management, engineering consulting, and financial planning areas.

Buildings, like cars, need regular maintenance. We can prevent major breakdowns and failures and minimized its impact by following a schedule of well planned inspections and maintenance. Corrective actions are critical elements of Quality Management System (QMS). The less frequent preventive actions are performed, the higher the corrective costs will be. At the same time, if preventive actions are performed excessively, the aggregated cost for preventive maintenance will increase. One of our responsibilities is to help every customer optimize their total maintenance cost. We will assist in finding the optimum points for different building assemblies and parts in mechanical and electrical systems, as well as organize maintenance schedules to minimize overall operation costs.