Condominium Management Services

  • Review, implement and enforce all Corporation declaration, bylaws and rules, make recommendations for modifications.
  • Work closely with the Board of Directors and provide professional advice to the Board of Directors.
  • Emergency contact number and services available 24 hours/7 days a week.
  • Keep an open line of communication with owners and handle homeowner requests, prompt response to all correspondence.
  • Negotiate, obtain & execute bids/proposals on behalf of the Board of Directors. Secure bids and contract for repairs, maintenance services and insurance.
  • Schedule & oversee works approved by the Board of Directors.
  • Maintain relationships with outside contractors and personnel.
  • Conduct on-site property inspections on a regular basis. Identify maintenance issues through weekly site inspections.
  • Establish preventative maintenance procedures and schedules for common areas.
  • Arrange for and co-ordinate all Board Meetings, Special Meetings, Annual General Meetings, Information Meetings, etc.
  • Attend Board meetings and the Annual meeting as specified.
  • Work with other professional organizations (i.e. Reserve Advisors, Chartered Accountants, solicitors, appraisers, assessors, financial analysts, and insurance companies).

Financial Management Services

  • Approval of original Invoices with supporting documents such as purchase order
  • Arrear collection policies and procedures
  • Levy of any collection of late interested on arrears.
  • Issue notice of lien, register and discharge liens
  • Draft & prepare annual budget for approval by Board of Directors.
  • Policies regarding handling cash, signing corporation cheque, contracts.
  • Purchasing policies and procedures
  • Monitor spending per annual budget to ensure compliance with expenditures guidelines.
  • Develop a reserve fund plan to ensure adequate funds are available for future capital expenditures.
  • Arrange for annual audit for the corporation

Accounting Services

  • Set up operating & investment accounts in the Corporation name.
  • Set up and maintain financial records in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.
  • Process Corporation dues checks & deposit into bank.
  • Process all approved invoices.
  • Maintain and reconcile bank/investment accounts.
  • Provide easy to read monthly financial reports, detailing current budgetary position, monthly disbursements, bank balances and reconciliations, common expense arrears, and investment summary.

Administrative Services

  • Maintain up to date and accurate unit owner & contractor rosters.
  • Draft Board meeting packages including an agenda, meeting minutes, property manager's report and financial statements.
  • Provide a disaster/emergency planning handbook to all owners (post Affable Property Management sign on building) upon request.
  • Maintain a maintenance schedule, activity log, list of capital improvement and replacement projects, short & long range maintenance programs.
  • Produce Corporations' correspondence, meeting notices and minutes, newsletters.
  • Maintain all corporation files at the Management office. Out dated files may be kept on-site where designated.
  • Arrange for and co-ordinate move-ins, move-out and elevator use. Preparation of Status Certificates at a nominal charge.
  • Administer condominium questionnaires for refinancing & resale purposes.

Additional Services

  • Project management including contract specification, tendering process and supervision.
  • Reserve Fund Study analysis.
  • For self-managed communities, we provide financial management services, budgeting, and other financial assistance.